Criminal Law Attorney

Dealing with criminal charges in court comes with its stress and discomforts. However, having a professional criminal lawyer handle your case is the perfect solution you need to scale through. If you are in court for operating while intoxicated or driving under the influence, for instance, you have more chances of getting a fair outcome with a professional OWI/DUI attorney.

If you are in Grand Rapids MI, Kent County and are facing criminal charges, we at HTY Grand Rapids are at your service. We handle a wide range of criminal cases and have a reputation for getting positive outcomes.

Our criminal law services

As professional criminal lawyers, we render a wide range of criminal cases, including:


If you are ever in court for an expungement, you sure want an attorney who can steer the wheels of the conversation to success. This is the service we guarantee you at HTY Grand Rapids. We handle different cases, ensure they satisfy the criteria and help our clients get expungement for them.

License restoration

If you have your license taken from you and you need it back, there is a legal process to follow. We are experts in this legal process and have a reputation for winning license restoration cases. Whether it is due to abuse of medical marijuana or other reasons, we handle such cases professionally.


We handle all kinds of misdemeanor cases, whether they be petty theft, assaults, or otherwise. If you are in Grand Rapids MI, Kent County and you find yourself in court for any misdemeanor, reach out to us to solve the case.

Drug crime

Drug crimes can lead to court cases that can get out of hand if not properly handled. This is why we have made this one of our strong services in criminal law. We handle all kinds of cases due to drug crimes and can get a positive result for you at the end of the day.

Sex crime

Sex crimes like statutory rape and display of sexual misbehaviour in public like matsurbating or having oral sex in public, are crimes that you can be prosecuted for. Other actions like prostitution, sexual battery or infnant endangerment can also land you in court.

We can handle these cases professionally. If you have committed any of these and you are going to court, you can contact us to handle your case.


Crimes like manslaughter, murder, assault, kidnapping, and arson, among others, are felonies that offenders can be prosecuted for. These cases are sensitive and require professional criminal law attorneys like our team to handle.

Why choose us?

We are one of the best choices of criminal attorneys to hire for some reasons, including:

We understand the legal system

Understanding how the legal system works and how to make every move count towards a positive result is an essential aspect of our work. If you have a criminal case, the last thing you need is an attorney who is uninformed.. At HTY Grand Rapids, our attorneys understand the inner workings of the courtroom and its intricacies. We have comprehensive knowledge of the laga system.

We have built a healthy relationship

If you ever need a criminal defense attorney, it should be one who has a positive relationship with prosecuting attorneys and other people. We are able to handle any case properly because we know and have a positive relationship with everyone who matters, including the prosecuting attorneys.

Enormous Wealth of experience

We are a great fit for any criminal case you may have because we have experience in handling different kinds of criminal cases. Our attorneys have been working for many years and have garnered extensive experiences as well as recorded remarkable wins.

Trained and licensed attorneys

Our attorneys are trained in criminal law and have practiced for many years. We have a license to operate in every area of Grand Rapids MI, Kent County.

Benefits of using our service

When you hire our attorney for any criminal case you have, there are many benefits you stand to gain, including:


We can protect you from the impact the criminal case may have on you when we handle your case. We can work towards dismissing your case to enable you maintain a clean record and avoid any situation that can jeopardize your career and future. We can also work to reduce the penalties and charges to protect your job, reputation and future.

Lesser expenses

A criminal case can threaten your job security both presently and in the future. Having an experienced lawyer handle your criminal case means you can save some money. We can help you win a case or get the best sentence that will ensure your job and license are not on the line.

This will help you avoid losing the reputation you have already built as well as reducing your earning potential. As experienced attorneys, we help you reduce your expenses without compromising on protection and a fair outcome.

Peace of mind

There is a kind of peace of mind that comes with knowing that an experienced professional is handling your case. A criminal case is not one that makes you happy, but a competent attorney can elevate your anxiety. We can help you get a great deal from any criminal case.

Professional Advice

One thing anyone facing criminal charges needs is professional advice. Here at HTY Grand Rapids, we can advise you on what is best for you. We know when it is best to fight criminal charges or accept a plea deal. We know the workings of the law and the possible penalty for any offense depending on the evidence.

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