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Family law is important and couples who refuse to hire capable family lawyers often run into problems because they can’t handle the legal problems that may arise as a result of certain agreements they’ve had in their relationship. With the help of a family lawyer, they can sort out many issues including their tax problems easily.

If you are seeking a good attorney, who has an extensive experience with handling all family law problems, you need to get in touch with HTY Grand Rapids. We are reliable, trustworthy, and the best family lawyer around.

Our Family Law Services

Here are some services we offer at HTY Grand Rapids :

Divorce Lawyer

Sometimes couples have irreconcilable differences which can make them depart. However, finding a good divorce lawyer in Grand Rapids MI, Kent County might be difficult. Divorce can be messy, and if you don’t use a good lawyer, you won’t get good compensation.

We are open 24/7 to provide our clients with excellent divorce attorneys who can attend to your case. All our lawyers bring their years of experience into settling any divorce cases and you are assured of getting the best deal.

Child custody Lawyer

For couples with kids, it’s always difficult to part when there are thorny issues between partners, however, when divorce is the only way, who gets the children becomes the primary issue. You will need to get a reliable family lawyer like us if you want to get child custody.

We are always available to give you the best defense team to help convince the judge that choosing you as your child’s custodian is the right decision. Moreover, you have to make our job easier by being transparent to us and helping us build a strong case.

Child support

The child support system across several states differs and you will want your child to get the best educational and financial support from your partner. If you are having difficulty getting support for your kids, contact us. We have helped thousands of parents to get sizable child support from a defaulting partner.

At HTY Grand Rapids, we are a trusted family lawyer that knows their onions about child support structures in MI, Kent County.


The rising case of child paternity fraud is alarming and couples need to establish it in the early stages. There are several ways to go about this which include DNA testing, family documentation, and Birth certificate acquisition. If you are confused about your child’s paternity and need help , talk to HTY Grand Rapids today.

Child Visitation

Another service we help divorced couples handle is child visitation. There is ‘Standard Visitation’ which includes weekends, 4 weeks of vacation, and alternating holidays. With a reliable customer like us, you can get more as we will convince the judge to be more flexible. Many courts are always eager to provide Liberal visitation terms if they are convinced that the parents are of good standing.

Spousal support

When it comes to divorce, there are two types considered which include Rehabilitation and permanent. When it concerns spousal maintenance it deals with a family with a core ‘Breadwinner’. When a partner has a delayed career, a judge will try to award some form of compensation to help them reestablish their career.

When a judge is convinced it will be difficult to revive your career or it will take time, you might be considered for permanent spousal support.

Estate administration and Probate

The family lawyers at HTY Grand Rapids have quality experience working for families who have challenges in sharing family assets and estates of their dead families. We can help develop a comprehensive estate plan which will help guarantee unbiased distribution of estates.

Whether it’s an individual, family, or company, we know how to execute wills, trust and obtain power of attorney. HTY Grand Rapids work well with trustees, estate administration, and other fiduciaries to make sure all wills are settled quickly.

Why work with us?

While there are a plethora of family law firms around, here are some things that make us your best choice :

Protection of rights

We will help protect your rights on all legal matters concerning family issues. As our client, we look after your interest alone and do our best to get the best deal for you. Family matters are sensitive and complicated and you need an aggressive family attorney to challenge certain allegations.

Seasoned lawyers

When a divorce starts, emotions will usually run through Hugh, and tempers will get lost in front of the judge. You will need an experienced family lawyer who will be able to withstand anything thrown at them. HTY Grand Rapids will provide a solid representation that can help you win your case easily.


Drafting appropriate legal documents within the right frame is important in the MI law system. We can help look after all this necessary documentation and we ensure there is nothing left behind.

Quality legal support

When fighting for child support, property sharing, and other family matters, can be exhaustive. Many people need some help to go through the rigorous legal system in MI, Kent County. We have attorneys who are patient enough and have the right expertise to offer that.

Quick resolution

Family legal issues without the right lawyer can drag on forever. Asides from the time, you might also spend needless money trying to get the judge to your side. However, we can help resolve all family issues quickly and efficiently. We know about the Timeless in MI and our lawyers are efficient in their service.

Peace of mind

There are sometimes concerns and mental issues when you are going through divorce proceedings. Being able to hire a top family lawyer like us offers you assured peace of mind. With Us, you don’t need to bother yourself as everything is handled by us immediately.

Get in Touch

The HTY Grand Rapids law firm has an excellent reputation when it concerns divorce, child support, probate issues, Abuse and neglect, spousal support, and other areas of family law. We are credible, and trustworthy and attend to our customers all over MI, Kent County. If you need to urgently speak with a family lawyer free of charge, you can call us today.